Why is English important in our life

English plays a major role in our day-to-day life, there is a huge utility for the English language in today’s modern world. English has become one of the most used languages around the world, it is the official language for nearly 67 countries and about 27 countries have it as their second official language.

English doesn’t revolve only within the countries U.S and U.K, most people in different parts of the world can speak and understand English. According to a report, nearly 1 billion people across the world speak English.

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Hence learning English is the best way to open up the world of opportunities and explore everything around. Check out the importance of the English language in our daily life.

  1. English is a Universal Language

English is one of those languages that the majority of people can speak and understand across the world. It is a common, popular, and most widely used language around the world, nearly one out of five people can speak English. People from different countries are involved together by using English as their common communication medium.

  1. English for better job opportunities

Most multinational companies ask for people who are well versed in English, and even jobs within one’s own country ask for people who speak English. It acts as the base for a good career opportunity.

When you speak only your first language then your job opportunities are limited. However, learning English increases your chance of getting a job outside your home country drastically.

  1. English is the best medium for Education

Most books and study materials are in English and it has become the primary medium of instruction in most colleges and universities. Today the modern education system is incomplete without the knowledge of English.

  1. The English language is the key to the entertainment industry

These days most movies, shows, and music are all produced in English and if you want to enjoy those amazing movies you need to understand the language of English. Hence knowing English enables you to access the media and entertainment world without relying on subtitles or translations.

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  1. English is the major language of the internet world

English is the most famous language on the internet and it represents 25.9 % of internet users worldwide.

It stands as the universal language as it is used by people of different nationalities and English has been chosen as the common way to communicate.

In this modern world, life without the internet will be cumbersome and Without English knowledge, it would be difficult to access the pool of information available on the internet.

  1. English is essential to explore the outside world

Knowing to communicate in English makes it easy to travel around the world. English is the most common foreign language, speaking and understanding English assists you wherever in travel.

If you are one who loves traveling then learning English would be a great benefit for you. You needn’t rely on a third party to guide and assist you throughout your journey.

  1. English for international business

English is a must medium for international business, communication within different countries for business deals requires the knowledge of English. To expand a business oversea and collaborate with some multi-national companies English knowledge is essential. Hence in order to enter a global workspace, it is necessary to learn the dominant business language, English.

English is certainly a beautiful language and one of the most interesting features is its flexibility. It accepts new words and phrases from other languages and forms a new word. This keeps it up to date and relevant to the modern world. Learning this amazing language is not a tough job, you can always begin with the easy part and eventually move to the reading, writing, understanding, and speaking phase

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