The English language has become a universally acknowledged language. It is globally accepted in today’s technologically advanced society, be it in schools and colleges or in jobs and work places. Knowing how to speak and write in the language is widely accepted as a skill. Indians, too, add importance to the knowledge of English. In India, having learnt English from a young age, most people know the basics of the language but haven’t quite mastered the art of speaking in the language. To solve that problem, Tree Campus is here to help. It is an online platform that enables learners to speak in fluent, grammatically correct English, free of cost.

Students may often find themselves questioning the need to learn how to speak in a foreign language. Therefore, the reasons for learning how to converse in English are as follows…

  • English being a business language, knowledge of it creates more employment opportunities.
  • It helps in communication with Indians and non-Indians alike.
  • It provides opportunities for a foreign education. Foreign degree also equates to better employment opportunities.
  • It also helps in travelling as it makes communication easier and bridges the language gap.
  • It helps people socialize better.

Tree Campus is a virtual platform that provides free spoken English courses to those individuals and students who need it. Through its free app, people can participate in courses designed to teach English and can learn from experienced teachers through video and textual content. The app has interactive sessions, games and even a conversation assistant to help the students. The spoken English course is divided in three parts, each having its own specification.

This course is a basically an introduction to the whole curriculum of spoken English, providing an overview of the basic concepts. This particular course has a duration of 30 days in which it is designed to cover all the lessons, of which there are 148 in total. It also comprises 30 quizzes which includes all the levels. The topics in this course include phonetics, nouns, parts of speech and its importance and uses, pronouns, types of sentences, clauses, prepositions, adjectives, conjunctions, adverbs, tenses, active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech. In other words, the basics of grammar. The topics are well represented in both, visual and textual format, and it helps the students immensely.

  • Spoken English course: Part 2

The Part 2 of the course is a bit more intricate than Part 1. It has 105 lessons in all and comes with 30 quizzes and its duration, like the Part 1, remains to be 30 days. Topics of this part are also available in both, visual and textual format. The topics include revision of the Part 1, modals, verbs: helping and auxiliary, gerund and infinitive, agreement of the subject with verbs, idioms, transformation of sentences, interjections and exclamatory sentences, meeting conversations, and types of conversations.

  • Spoken English course: Part 3

The Part 3 has 60 lessons in all and no does not have any quiz. This is the final part of the course, and it too has a duration of 30 days. The topics of the final part are more conversational based rather than usually grammar. They are revision of the previous courses, useful phrases, conversational skills, various moral stories, first impression, introduction of oneself and interview. All the topics are available in both, visual and textual format. The Part 3 of the course is designed to make one adept in English speaking.

All the courses are perfectly designed and are dedicated to help students learn English for absolutely free.