If you are a student of English and you are spending all your time studying grammar and memorising lists, this article is for you. Many students around the world learn to speak English using such methods, but the best way to learn English is to take the plunge and begin speaking English.In this internet era, the internet has a lot of free spoken english course that you can try out to start speaking English. Though studying the language in written form is extremely important, learning to speak the language is an effective way to learn it. Let us now discuss how spoken English can help you learn the language.

Improve fluency

When you are speaking with an English-speaking person, all that you have learned while learning the language needs to be put into use. Speaking a language means your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation is called upon at a moment’s notice. They move from your slow memory to your quick memory. With time, this will improve the fluency as well.

This can be understood by comparing it to muscle memory. When you start learning a sport or playing an instrument, you start by learning all the nitty gritty details and practicing, but it is only when you start playing the instrument that all those trainings come together and you develop a muscle memory of playing the instrument and your fingers automatically know where to go without you putting in conscious thought about it, which is pretty much what happens when you start speaking English out loud.


Learning a new language means that you have a goal in mind, and that’s communication. Talking to people in a foreign language can be incredibly challenging. You need to keep up with the new words, speed of the words, and sentence structure that are new for you. This challenge can be exceptionally motivating. Say you have had a conversation with someone in English for 10 minutes. That in itself is a confidence booster, and you would want to keep improving.


Making Mistakes and Learning

Speaking out loud in English would mean that the gaps in one’s grammar and vocabulary are exposed. If you are in a conversation and are struggling to understand what they are saying or to finish a sentence, it instantly shows you where you stand. You get a clear idea of what you don’t know and what you do know, where you need to improve, and where you are doing well. You can learn from those mistakes and work on improving your speaking skills.

It is always great to get feedback on how you are speaking from other people and, if need be, take their help to improve. You should speak regularly and begin improving your skills. If you want to learn English online for free, you can rely on your app to help you speak the language.

Improve communication skills

Learning through books and lists can be incredibly helpful to learn grammar and vocabulary, yet only having a conversation in English can make you learn the communicative part of the language. You will not only speak; you will also listen, and that is a learning process in itself. Listening will also help you learn the words and their pronunciation.

More Opportunities

By learning and speaking a new language, you will not only benefit your language studies but also improve as a person.You will get more opportunities to travel, make new friends, get new jobs, and even take holidays.

Those are, in fact, stepping stones to learning the language.

Speaking and listening in English will help you improve the above skills, and you can start to learn English online for free with the best spoken English download the app that is available.