Free Mobile Apps to Learn English


Learning English on your own can be daunting, but it becomes easy and possible if you have access to the essential tools. Learning English on your own is now a piece of cake.Whether you want to improve your reading, writing, or spoken English skills, you can do it without anyone physically teaching you. A free spoken English classes app can be your saviour in such a case.

When you use an English classes app to learn English, you can save time and effort because everything you need is always at your fingertips.Anyone, at any time, can learn English and do so from the comfort of their own home or wherever they are.

Continue reading to learn about some of the additional benefits of free mobile apps for learning English quickly.


  • Learning at one’s own pace

With mobile apps for learning English, one has access to the entire course material from the beginning. This means that one can learn at their own pace. They can go as slowly or as fast as they prefer. When learning English through a mobile app, one can learn a lot faster than in physical classes.

  • Easily available applications

Gone are the days when you needed to search for an English teacher or English classes to learn English. With the free spoken English apps available for download, one has access to English classes almost instantaneously. One can start learning the language without wasting any time.

  • Learning is enjoyable.

The best English teaching apps make learning English fun. Not just kids, but even adults learn better if an element of play is included in the lessons. The apps have quizzes, games, puzzles, etc. to teach English and audio-visual content that makes learning rather entertaining. Sometimes lessons are arranged into those quizzes and games with lives, points, and levels. Thus, learning English through these fun ways can also become addictive.

  • Cost-effective learning.

The best  spoken English websites free, which makes the classes more cost-effective and accessible. This is largely due to the fact that the product saves on the cost of attending physical classes, such as course fees and transportation costs.

  • Flexibility

These applications are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are just one click away. This makes learning English through apps super flexible. One can access the lessons, quizzes, and assignments from anywhere in the world if they have an internet connection. So, one does not have to be physically present to learn English through an app, and that is a major advantage.


  1.  Improve Vocabulary

Learning English through an app is a great way to improve one’s vocabulary. There are a lot of vocabulary exercises where one can practise learning new words and improving their language skills almost effortlessly.

  • All-round learning

Almost all the best apps let you learn by practising a lot of skills such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening, including pronunciation and grammar. You can see the variety of ways that one word can be used. The audio-visual lessons help one hear the word, and in addition to listening to it, such features don’t only make the learning fun but also a complete experience.

  • Access to the Open Library

The best English learning apps have course content that ranges from written materials to audio-visuals. One has the option to access them at any time, and this makes self-study easy and rich.


Finishing words 

In addition to free spoken English classes on apps, one can learn English quickly by reading a lot. Experts suggest reading everything one can lay hands on to learn the language faster. Reading extensively allows one to understand the language at an instinctive level, and that’s the best way to learn a language. Taking notes in a newly learned language is also helpful in the long run. It is important to keep learning new words to learn a language. One must practise spoken English by talking with native speakers of the language. This would help improve one’s confidence in addition to learning the language. In addition to reading and writing, watching video content and listening to podcasts in English will also help. All these tips are a great way to continue learning English, whose foundation has been set up by a spoken english apps free download