English language, as we all know, has become an important language all over the world. The English language has become a top priority in all domains. It is used in schools, colleges/universities & especially when you apply for a job. Now, we speak in English for communication purpose. It is nothing, but the use of words, sentences & phrases verbally, to communicate our feelings/ideas to each other. English is an internationally acclaimed language. Hence, it is necessary to speak in English fluently & professionally, without taking any pauses or making grammatical mistakes. For this reason, Tree Campus free app is launched to get access freely for Spoken English Course. Tree Campus is an online platform for all to enable learners to join the free Spoken English Course. All the modules & contents are available free of cost for both educators & learners. It has all the latest free online Spoken English courses by well-experienced teachers, which makes learning fun. It includes both textual & video content. In Tree Campus, online Spoken English Courses are divided into three main parts, such as Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.

Spoken English Part 1: This part contains mainly introduction to the course, its basic concepts & an overview of the curriculum. To cover all the topics of this part, lessons are broken up for first 30 days. At present there are 38 students for this course in Part 1. It contains 148 lessons in total & 30 quizzes including all levels. It includes both textual & video content. Some of the topics taught in Part 1 are – Parts of Speech – its uses & importance, Sentence types, Noun Synopsis, Pronoun, Adjective, Phonetics, Tenses, Narration, Voice change Adverb, Conjunction, Preposition & Clause types. Within 10 weeks the entire course of Part 1 is covered nicely.

Spoken English Part 2: Part 2 contains 105 lessons in total & also 30 quizzes for all levels. Presently, there are only 4 students for this course in Part 2. Here also we can see, for all the topics of this part, lessons are divided for the next 30 days. Both textual & video content is available here. Some topics covered are – Tenses, Revision of earlier lessons, Subject Verb Agreement, Meeting Conversation, Helping & Auxillary Verb, Idioms, Modals, Gerund & Infinitive, Sentence Transformation, Interjection & Exclamatory Sentences, Conversation Types, including Quizzes & Videos. The whole course of Part 2 is also covered within 10 weeks.


Spoken English Part 3: Part 3 has 60 lessons in total. There are no quizzes in this part for all levels. Only 3 students are there for this course in Part 3. The lessons under each topic are also divided again for 30 days. Both textual & video content is also available. The topics covered are – Conversation Skill, Useful Phrases, Revision of previous lessons, Various kinds of Moral Stories, First Impression, Self- Introduction, Interview