In this digitalized world, knowledge is always a step away you don’t need to walk out to get information about a topic or subject. Of course, you need to step out for school or college lessons but apart from that when you want to learn about a specific course or prepare for some exams you always have the key to that in your hand. Wondering how! That’s simple you always have your mobile phone in your hand.

There are several online courses, mobile apps, and classes that help you to grab the knowledge you want. In particular, when you are looking for English-speaking classes there are plenty of resources available on the internet. It’s because English has become an important language in every part of the world and English speaking has become a basic quality in the modern world. To teach you English easily and handily, Tree campus has launched the “Learn Spoken English 90 Days” Mobile app, check out the app’s features and highlights described below:

What is Tree Campus?

Tree Campus is an online platform that offers courses for both students and teachers free of cost. It provides various learning tools and resources to everyone.

The vision of Tree campus is to actualize a world where education is easy, and available to all. Its works with the mission of “Making the journey of learning an easy one.”

Tree Campus app – Learn Spoken English 90 Days

Tree Campus‘s app provides a “90-day free spoken English course Mobile APP” that is sure to help you in speaking English fluently. It is one of the best apps to learn English speaking skills and it makes learning easy and affordable. It provides both textual and video content to learn both English speaking and writing skills. This app provides three courses with a proper schedule and strategic planning. Check out the topics and lessons covered in each part of the course.

Apart from the Learn English free course this app also includes “Live Classes” and “Contest Quiz”.

Features of the app:

  • Free online courses by experienced faculties.
  • User friendly
  • No cost involved
  • Educational resources and Study materials are free.
  • Includes both textual and video content
  • Interactive lessons along with multi-language course material.
  • Gaming sections make learning easy
  • Assessment in a fun way
  • Assessment to know user level, based on both module and course level.
  • Flexible timings and environment.

Courses included in the Tree Campus app:

  1. Spoken English Part-1

It is a 30-day free course to help you learn and speak English better. It includes 178 video lessons and efficient study materials along with gaming sections that allow assessments to be carried out in a fun way. Here you will learn to make a strong personal introduction and to communicate effectively in a group discussion. It will cover everything that is needed to boost your confidence in English speaking Course anywhere in the world.

Lessons include everything from formal introduction, pronunciation, spellings, vocabulary, word of the day, and several other grammar rules and procedures in the English language.

  1. Spoken English Part-2

After you have mastered the topics stated in the part-1 course go for this Part-2 course. This course includes 135 lessons that teach grammar rules and procedures along with conversation, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills. But it is a bit higher in level than those topics covered in the previous section.

This 30-day free course elevates your English language skills and boosts your confidence to communicate effectively and fluently with different audiences.

  1. Spoken English Part-3

This 30-day free course completely drives your shyness away from speaking yourself out in public, it provides 60 video lesson that boosts your confidence in your English speaking. It also includes several useful tips and techniques to enhance your English fluency.

This course grooms you in other topics like storytelling, manners and etiquettes, personality development, confident build-up, and public conversation.