Useful Mobile App to Learn Spoken English for Free
Are mobile applications helpful in learning spoken English? Recently, many people have known and paid attention to these applications to learn the English language. It is true; it is the most needed matter that you need to learn spoken English. Learning and speaking the language will open the gateway to many new and ample opportunities in front of you. Therefore, understanding and speaking English fluently in the recent public domain is apparent. The article will inform you about the useful mobile app to Learn spoken English. But before that, we need to understand whether this is practically useful or not.

How are Mobile Applications Helpful for Learning Spoken English For Free? 

Many experts argue about the facts and practical matters of mobile applications. The argument is crystal clear. The experts have given some identified features in support of this statement. We need to check out these points and discuss the matter.

  1. One can learn spoken English for free with mobile applications quickly. The reason is that this mobile application has an extensive range. Besides this, many of them are free. The mobile application is available on the “Google App Store”.
  2. There are some teaching features of this mobile application. The developers have developed it so students don’t need to worry about the course. Many applications have divided the class into three to four segments. These segments are Beginner, Learner, Intermediate and Advanced. Anyone can choose the part as per their skill and experience.
  3. The mobile learning application is set differently for each particular segment. It offers simple course methods for beginners like vocabulary learning, sentence construction, identifying nouns and pronouns and grammar skills. The beginner level provides the introductory course to the student who has just started the language.
  4. Intermediate and Advanced courses offer to improve listening power and speaking with real-time experience. At the advanced level, many applications provide real-time practice but in a virtual way. It will help the learner to improve their speaking power to a high level.
  5. Many applications also offer Free spoken English classes online. The learner can learn spoken English from the designated teachers in this online class. The teachers help improve the students’ speaking and pronunciation and also help them improve their confidence. It is noticed that many learners can’t just talk in English for low confidence levels. The online class will develop their confidence and teach them spoken English so they can also talk in the public domain.

Useful mobile app to Learn spoken English – The Statistical Proof

At present, it has been seen that learners are much more confident in learning English in the virtual mode. These students prefer online courses.

The most important reason is that students can learn English anytime without hesitation. They don’t need to attend any classes. They open the application and learn anytime from their confident zone. The course structure of the online applications also gives them great virtual support and a user-friendly platform. For these reasons, the learners choose the mobile application.

But some statistical reasons also influence people to learn English via mobile applications.

  1. Mobile and virtual marketing is growing day by day. Presently the virtual learning market size is nearly 19 billion USD. For this reason, many institutions and organizations indulge students in learning via mobile applications and virtual ways.
  2. The boundary and other international protocols do not bind mobile applications. Therefore, any student can learn English from any part of the world. On the other hand, teachers can provide their teaching to anyone in the world.
  3. Due to the emphasis on the internet and easy availability, it is now effortless to use smartphones. If you take the example of this country, due to the internet boom, many people are now hugely utilizing the internet as per the report of January 2022; in India, 650 million people use the internet. Just seven years earlier, the user numbers were half of the current users. The easy availability and increased numbers of users help the virtual way of learning.
  4. Mobile applications offer the most modern learning methods.
  5. The students can learn spoken English for free with the analytical mode.
  6. The learning process is accessible on any occasion.
  7. You can learn English any time as per your availability.
  8. Maximum applications offer the one-to-one learning mode.
  9. You can easily discuss your flaws with your teachers without hampering other students.


These are the basic features and advantages of learning English via mobile applications. If you want to improve your spoken English and want a useful mobile app to Learn spoken English, you can visit the website You can also download the application from the “Google Playstore” easily.