If you are new and wish to improve your English or enhance your communication, apps are great tools for learning English or other languages. They are fast, easy to access and fun. It is almost like a mini classroom on your phone. You can use them whenever you are bored or in your free time. Although These apps can’t replace the real time teachers but they do make a good option for your regular English speaking classes online free . So, if you haven’t downloaded one already, what are you waiting for?  We are presenting one of the free English learning apps for you which makes your English speaking course fun and full of knowledge. 

“Tree campus”  is one of them  which gives you a platform to access Best Free Spoken English courses and become conversational quickly. You can access the entire course for free and learn English from scratch. It offers fun, quick, and easily available tools with unique features that are personalised to your level of language learning. 

Tree campus:
Download link:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.academy.tree_campus

Tree campus app free English speaking course is the best overall app to learn English because of the quality of lessons. Its tutorial videos and modules are available free for learners. Also, the highly experienced teachers make your English speaking course fun and easy. The free course compiles both textual and video content. Included “Live Classes “and “Contest Quiz “, Its 90 days free spoken English course will help you to learn English from basics. 

Following are some Key features of the app:

      • All the lessons are interactive and teach useful topics. 
      • Easy to use app.
      • Flexible app structure which lets you choose your lessons.
      • Free study material available
      • Engaging activities and useful topics
      • Proper assessment

Apart from features, some major advantages of learning free spoken English classes through Tree campus app are:

If you are a working professional and have no time for going to offline classes to learn, then this app will help you to join classes from your home and at your own time.  It gives you time flexibility. You can learn according to your own time schedule. Isn’t it good to get such an app which saves your time and travel expenses. 

Easy and Fun leaning
This super user-friendly app comprises different quizzes and games that are quite interesting to solve. Not only can you practise these quizzes any time, anywhere, you can also interact with your trainers and clear doubts and confusion. With this app you will improve your English speaking skills in a fun and easy way. And, it’s completely free.

Small lessons
As  compared to other apps, Tree Campus app motivates users through its small lessons and little games. Therefore, it is both colourful and fun than the other apps.  It is definitely one of the easy English speaking learning apps we recommend people to try. 

Open library:
Its cost free open library brings you various videos and textual content. You can read your favourite content allowing instant view even on a go. Thanks to this app, you can enjoy its collection at your fingertips. 

Free Certificate:
Tree campus app aimed to help users to improve English speaking skills. Choose  its 90 day free course and get a certificate for free after completing the course. 

Now, let’s discuss how to download this wonderful free spoken English app. First go to the play store on Android or IOS and search for “ Tree Campus App ” and install it. Once you have installed the app, register yourself and you are good to go. 

You are now ready to start your journey for Spoken English Classes Online Free